AP-0287-010 (4) Gotoh 3/8"(9.5mm) vintage style bass string ferrules in chrome finish. Finding the correct string length for your electric bass. 0 bids. Even though this is a "Short Scale" instrument, "Short Scale" strings would have been too short due to the tail piece construction. This then gives you accurate measurements for the required winding lengths for your Thru-Body Electric Bass. We can rout for the Leo Quann Badass III bridge though we do not sell it. All Rights Reserved. Since bass bodies vary in thickness and the cup-like ferrules that hold the ball end of the string in place have different depths, it’s necessary to measure the lowest pitched string removed from the bass. $150.00. Uncut Pickguard Material- Great for Custom Pickguards! Squier by Fender 2-saddle bass bridge. Weight: 6 lbs: Dimensions: 36 × 24 × 6 in: Related products. The bridge was looking ugly old, and I found these original Fender upgrade bridge for Bass guitars (from 200? Hipshot “B” style, top load or through the body bass bridge, 2-1/4" string spacing. To help us expand our database of instruments and their required winding lengths please email us your specs through our. 2 1/4" string spacing (.750" or 19mm) Topload or string thru body; 2TEK 4 String. Then measure from the back of the ball end to the middle of the tuning post. $44.99. The ’51 p-style bass body would make a great replacement for any ’51 p-style, vintage or modern. This will give you the "Minimum Required Winding Length" for your instrument. Bolt-On "set Neck" Style necks and Bodies, SPECIAL PURCHASE! Jackson 5 String Neck Through Body Bass. How does the "Scale Length" differ from the required "Winding Length" on your instrument? For the above instrument the ideal string length is between 33.5" and 35". 4 String (4) 5 String (2) Color/Finish. $19.99 shipping. Since its inception in 1999, the Hipshot A Style bass bridge has become the standard bearer for high end instruments and boutique builds. This bass is strung with Medium Scale D'Addario Chromes which have a 34" winding length from Ball End to Silk. Also, examine the construction of your instrument: string tension can affect the way your bass sounds and feels, and heavier strings require more tension to be brought up to the same pitches. Precision machined from durable top grade brass or aluminum and featuring a fully adjustable groove-locking saddle design, the A Style bridge offers the best in playability and no-buzz tone transference with a sleek, modern look. Right Hand (4) Bass Bridges. Straight Male-Male Interconnect- Perfect for Pedalboards! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. On some Electric Bass instruments like this Fender Coronado II (pictured below) the "Scale Length" is 30" but the distance from Ball End to Saddle is a longer distance than on most instruments. Each string company uses a different winding length for each "Scale Length" of strings. $19.99 Fender’s Precision and Jazz Basses rule the bass universe. Body String Through (2) Bridge String Through (6) Strings. $25.00 shipping. Bass Bodies and Necks - Nicely done Jazz and P style bodies- both finished and unfinished necks that fit either body style. Precision machined from durable top grade brass or aluminum and featuring a fully adjustable groove-locking saddle design, the A Style bridge offers the best in playability and no-buzz tone transference with a sleek, modern look. Remove the string and measure from Ball End to the Marking. NEW!! Ending Tuesday at 3:29PM PST 1d 10h. $5.99 This will give you the "Maximum Winding Length" for your instrument. Package includes chrome bridge plate, two single-groove barrel saddles, saddle height screws, intonation screws and springs, bridge mounting screws, and saddle height adjustment wrench. The ideal winding length is going to fall right in the middle, but as long as you do not go less than or greater than these measurements then you are using the correct length strings! Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment- Multi Color- Made for Guitar projects. First measure from the back of the ball end to the tuning post side of the nut. Guitarfetish Price $69.95 Out of Stock . I have a 2006 American Made Deluxe Fender Precision Bass. Remove the string and measure from Ball End to the Marking. Copyright var date = new Date(); document.write(date.getFullYear()) Fret Nation. For example, a 24-fret neck-through-body instrument may not respond well to high string tension unless it has a graphite neck. Strings-through-body 3-screw mounting design. We recommend doing this with a thinner string (G for example). Additional information. Identical features included the slab body, single-coil pickup, pickguard shape, pickup cover, controls and the two-saddle bridge with string-through-body design. Ibanez-style HSS - 1 Vol, 1 Tone [Coil Tapped], Introducing the Kwikplug Quick Change Pickup System, Jazz Bass Lightweight Body Tobacco Sunburst, Jazz Bass Lightweight Body Surf Green Finish, Jazz Bass Lightweight Body Seafoam Green Finish, Jazz Bass Lightweight Body vintage Sunburst, Jazz Bass Lightweight Body Gloss Black Finish, Jazz Bass Lightweight Body Gloss Rocket Red Finish, PRICE SLASHED! Musiclily Pro 13 Hole P Bass Pickguard for 4 String Precision Bass Modern Style, 4Ply Black Pearl. Once you know this information finding the optimal fitment for strings to your specific instrument is easier. The American Professional series also offers new colors in addition to the usual sunburst, black, and white options. Based on the 1951 model, this is the precursor to the modern P-style. GFS TRUE-COIL II Noise Canceling Single Coil Pickups, Neovin Noise Free Pickups for Telecaster Guitars, GFS Noise-Free NEOVIN Pickups for Stratocaster Sets, REDactives Complete Plug-N-Play Assemblies, REDactives Individual Parts and Components, Pre-Assembled Standard Solderless Kwikplug Harnesses, Pre-Assembled Solderless Premium Kwikplug Harnesses, Pre-Assembled Solderless Mini-Pot Kwikplug Harnesses, REDactive Gold Modern Wound Guitar Pickups, Redactives Individual Parts and Components, XV-500 Series Solid Mahogany- SOLID carved Maple Tops, XV-550 Series SOLID Carved Maple Semi Hollow Highly Figured Quilt Tops, XV-555 Double Locking Tremolo Carved Top LP, XV-560 SOLID Maple Top Semi Hollowbody Alnico P90s, XV-570 Rockabilly Semi Hollowbody Trapeze, Minitrons, XV-900 Semi Hollowbody Flame Maple Alnico Fat Pats, NEW! 63 watching. To 2009) that mount to the body with 3 bolts and havea string through body holes. One piece swamp ash body. However if your strings are routed through the body of the bass, things get a bit more complicated. "Dano-Flake" Blue Jazz Bass Lightweight Body, PRICE SLASHED! The winding length is the measurement from the Back of the Ball End to just past the Nut. % BB-3465 Gotoh J510SJ-5 Quick Release 5-String Bass Bridge from $90.00 . ’51 P-Style Bass Body. Hi Impedance Microphone Cables- heavy Duty Braided Shield. "GF Basics" WHOLESALE priced Bodies and Necks! String Spread is 19mm (3/4") (57mm overall about 2 1/4") Barrel type saddles with full allen key height adjustment (allen key not included) Saddles are fully adjustable. They decided on a 34″ scale length and a one-piece maple neck/fingerboard that attached to the body with four bolts. 4.2 out of 5 stars 109. GFS Heavy Duty Corduro/Velcro Strap keeps- Set of THREE! Even though your instrument is a certain "Scale Length" it may require a longer scale of strings. Lo Impedance XLR Microphone Cables- SUPER Quality! Gotoh J510SJ-5 quick release 5-string bass bridge, with screws, 2-3/4" string spacing. Tremolo and Body Cavity Rear Cover Plates. XGP 285 pc. $50.00. Jazz Bass Body No Finish Solid ASH. For optimal fitment it is also good to measure from the Back of the Ball End to the closest tuning post (for B and E strings mainly). ... DIY PJM bass Guitar Body Bass Parts Okoume wood Electric guitar body. ’51 P bass that I’ve been building over the last few weeks. PRO920 Semi Hollow, Alnico P90 Soapbar KWIKPLUG, Trapeze Tailpiece, XV-910 Semi Hollowbody Alnico P90 Dogears Trapeze Tailpiece, PRO830 Alder Kwikplug Equipped GFS Rail Humbuckers, Xaviere PRO845 Alder Thinline with Kwikplug Gold Foils, XV-825 Solid Alder or Ash, Neck Mini Humbucker. T-Style Deluxe Guitar Body Introduced in 1968, the Telecaster Bass had little to do with its elder six-string sibling; rather, it was essentially a faithful recreation of the original 1951 Precision Bass. Low Impedance Oxygen Free Silver Cable- UK Made, Heavy Duty Cable- Monster plugs- Noiseless Upgrade Cable, Vintage Style Cotton Plaid Cable, Gold Tipped Plugs, Studio Pro- Noiseless Cable, Amphenol Gold Plated Plugs, GFS Pedalboard Pro Angled Interconect Cable. $99.95 shipping. Finding the correct string length for your Electric Bass is not always as easy as matching up the "Scale Length" of your bass to the "Scale Length" or "Winding Length" of the pack of strings. Adjustable string spacing from 2-3/32" to 2-15/32" (18mm - 21mm) High mass bridge made from brass; Topload only; Badass Bass III. $11.60 $ 11. "Dano-Flake" Red Jazz Bass Lightweight Body. Our steel baseplate 1958 and 1975 bass bridges directly retrofit on early 1958 Precision® Bass guitars or Fender® USA 70's bass models. Glued In Setneck ST/TE Style Neck/Body assembly, Bostac Brand USA Designed Roadie Flashlights, Best Value!

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