'dimension9': '227498' I mill, sell and work with lumber from mostly suburban settings with lots of yard trees salvaged from tree services and a decent number of logs from wooded settings, usually where a building is about to be erected. Learn How To Grow Food And Trees Together To Earn An Income While You Wait For Your Trees To Grow, Calculate The Number Of Trees Per Acre And Spacing Between Each Tree. Walnut is light to dark chocolate-brown in color, with a straight grain in the trunk. It is so valuable in fact, forestry officials are often called in to track down black walnut poachers. Yes, we buy walnut logs and timber from about a 300 mile radius of St. Joseph Missouri if you have 40 logs or more or 20 trees or more. This log is potentially worth more money, but it had several obvious signs of metal, so larger mills weren’t interested. Thus, a 22-inch DBH black walnut tree with one 8-foot veneer log may bring $510 (170 board feet x $3.00/ft), whereas a 26-inch DBH black walnut tree with one 8-foot veneer log may command $1300 (260 board feet x $5.00/ft). First off, you need a bit of background of where I come from on this subject. 'dimension4': 'How much is your log worth? To get decent say 8" wide boards, you need a tree at least about 24" in diameter because the outside of the tree is sapwood and has no value and the center is pith and it is no good either. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Unless, of course, you just happen to have a tree like the ones below that I couldn’t live without. The fine, straight-grained wood is used for furniture, veneer and gunstocks. 'dimension3': 'undefined', gtag('config', 'AW-799896374'); It provides strength, hardness, and durability without excessive weight. }); com.realmagnet.MagnetLeads.init('OrfhmQgk6sGIKGvE9vw'); The above prices should just serve as a guidepost in determining if bothering to sell your logs is worthwhile. Is there a general baseline value of what the wood from black walnut trees is worth? This will give you the average height and diameter of one tree growing in the woodlot. there is a local guy who would like to sell a rather large black walnut tree. //--> [CDATA[//> In another case, a helicopter was used to lift black walnut trees out of a farmer’s private woodlot. 'dimension5': 'scottwunder', I have a sizeable, mature black walnut tree that has become decadent in its old age. The short answer is probably not as much as you had hoped, but you’re not here for the short answer, so I’ll give you the long one. You can tell from most of these points that I am pretty sure you aren’t going to get rich from your single tree or a couple of logs (especially from me) and you shouldn’t expect to. The next step is to enter the height and diameter of the one tree into the tree value calculator at the top of this page then select tree type.

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